07 mai 2008

le listing acid new beat house non exaustif de la periode


100 0/0 new beat

amnesia – amnesia (lp)

amnesia – drop that stick (lp)

acid house music new beat vol 1

acid house music new beat vol 2

Acid 1

belgian buzz

best belgian beat

best of new beat vol 1

best of new beat vol 2

edward and ermany – acid drill (lp)


ethnic house music

Esta local - la compil latino

ffrr – music that move you

hit des club vol 3 special house

king of the beat

New beat 1

new beat generation vol 1

New bêat boccaccio

New beat connection

New Beat Take 1 (Subway/Antler - 1988)

New Beat Take 2 (Subway/Antler - 1988)

New Beat Take 3 (Subway/Antler - 1988)

New Beat Take 4 (Subway/Antler - 1988)

New Beat Take 5 (Subway/Antler - 1988)

New Beat Take 6 (Subway/Antler - 1988)

New Beat Take 7 (Subway/Antler - 1988)

(Antler/Pias, 1999) .

Sa 42 - popatria

snap – the power (lp)

Sound of hard beat

technotronic – pumpup the jam (lp)

technotronic – moove this (lp)

turn up the bass 1

turn up the bass 2

technotronic - pump up the jam

technotronic - move this

technotronic - best of (lp)

Tekkno root

The new beat connection

This is acid new beat

Top de la dance music (carrière )

urban acid

Rock To The Beat, The Ultimate New Beat Collection 

titres :

1000 ohm – you’re the one

101 - Rock To The Beat

101 - move youri body

101 - busyv zzz is in tocwn

16 bit – changing mind

16 bit - too fast to live

16 bit – where are you

2 dj’s – the creation

2 Men On A Trip - Get Acid (More Primitive)

2 U Hi - Go _Head (The Stroboscope Mix)

3Phase Feat. Dr. Motte - Der klang der famili

49 Ers - Die Walkure

808 state - flow coma

808 state - lift

808 state - pacific 707

A split Second - voir l'onglet "listing a split second"

Abfahrt - alone it’s me

Abfahrt - come insu my life

Acid alien – balearic

Acid alien – demon in the closed

Acid In The House - Miss Nicky Trax

Acid Mix (megamix )

Acidity - moskitos

Acts Of Madmen - The Dream(Original) + rmx

Adeva – Respect

Adriano celentano – B art

Adriano celentano – prisencolinensinainciusol

Afrika Bambaataa And Family - Bambaataa_s Theme (Mix #2

Agaric – i’m gonna beat dis

Akabu - Phuture Bound (Joey Negro Medusa Mix)

Akabu - Phuture Bound (progressive)

Alaska Y Dinarama - Bailando (Balearic Matey Mix)

Alix – jam to the beat

ALTMIX VOLUME 2 - Part 2 (megamix 30 »)

amnesia - voir l'onglet  "listing amnesia"

Antibiotik – istambul

Antibiotik – sarah

arbeid adelt - deaeth disco

Aril - Happy Birthday Mr President

armando - land of confusion

Armando - 100 _ Of Disin_ You (Mike_s Original Mix

Armando - 151 (Original Version)

Armando - Confusion_s Revenge

Armando - World Unknown (My Mixx Is Dunn)

Art Academy - Energie

Art Of Noise - Beat Box

Atahualpa - Luna De Sangre (1991)


Atahualpa - Ultimo Imperio vers 2

Atmozfear - Atmozfear

Atmozfear –rithm and voice

Axidan – sahara moon

B-Art - Baby Wants To Ride (Euro Mix)

B.A.T - there is a bat in my house (club mix)

B.S.R ( brussel sound revolution ) – qui ( sur van den boiinen)

B.S.R ( brussel sound revolution ) – Mr vdb – where are you ? ( sur van den boiinen)

baby ford - CHIKKI CHIKKI AHHHH (rmx)

Baby Ford - Chikki Chikki Ahh Ahh

Baby Ford - Fetish (Mainmix)

Baby Ford - I Love It

Baby Ford - Normal (Helston Flora Remix by AFX)

Baby Ford - Oochy Koochy (Original 12inch)

Baby Ford & Benno Blome-Smoke Machine

Baby Ford & Mark Broom - Tightrope (Part 2)

Bad Boy Bill - Acid Sexx

Bam Bam - Make You scream (Deep House Mix)

Bam Bam +++++- Where's your child

Bam bam - GIVE IT TO ME ORIGINAL 12 1988

Bang The Party - Bang Bang You_re Mine

BARBECUE PRODUCTION - Moi Y'Aime Bien Môa (Le Père Noël Est Dans La Cheminée Mix)

Bassline Boys - on se calme

Bassline Boys - On se calme - (Scandale Remix Maxi

Bassline Boys - Techno Doctor

Bassline Boys - Warbeat (Fick Fick Fraulein Blitz

Bassline Boys - Warbeat (Orig Mix)

Bassline Boys - Warbeat (Zich Zich Beat Mix)

Bassline boys – baby boys

Bassline boys – rumba

Bazz - House Of Fax

BAZZ - The Drop Deal

Bazz - Nat_s Techno

Bazz - Rrrock It

Beat Beat Beat - Beat in the street

Beat Club - Acid Train

Beat Club - Security (1987)

Believe It Or Not - I Like It

Beatmasters Feat. The Cookie Crew - Rok Da House ( Extended Version)

Beat international – dub be good to me

Beatmasters feat merlin – who’s in the house

Beat Professor : Beat Professor

Beat professor – you’ve got the beat

Beat’s workin – don’t fade away

Beau Q – belgian kiss

Belgazone – bulgarian house

Believe It Or Not - I Like It

Benny B – mais qu’est ce qu’on fait maintenat

Benny b – do you speack martien

Berliner Meisterschaft - Zeitgeist

Bit Max - Dance (Just Dance For Me) (Club Mix)

Bit Max - Dance (Just dance for me)

Bit Max - Dig It

Bizz Nizz - Don_t Miss The Partyline

bizarre inc - playing with knives 12"

bizarre inc - im gonna get you

bizarre inc - Such A Feeling-TOTP

bizarre inc - took my love

Bizz nizz – we’re gonna catch you

Black Box - Everybody Everybody

Black Box - I Don't Know Anybody Else

Black Box - Open Your Eyes

Black Box - Fantasy

Black Box - Dreamland

Black Box - Ride On Time

Black Box - Hold On

Black Box - Ghost Box

Black Box - Strike It Up

Black kiss - Jump on the floor (maxi version)

Black Kiss - The Orgasm

Black Riot (Todd Terry)- A Day In The Life.

blake baxter - Adrenaline

blake baxter - Dark bässe

blake baxter - Dreammaker

blake baxter - Ghost

blake baxter - Laser 101

blake baxter - Laugh and dog

blake baxter - One mo time (mix 1)

blake baxter - One mo time (mix 2)

Blake Baxter - One more time (red planet remix)

Blake Baxter - Ride Em Boy

blake baxter - The warning

Blake Baxter - When We Used To Play (1987)

blake baxter- Ex -

blake baxter- Frequency old skool

Blake Baxter –brother gonna work it

Blind Vision - Don_t look at Me

Boccaccio megamix

Body base 2 –decendents of the hype tip

Body base 2 –clan terminology

Body base 2 –universale experience

Body base 2 –to you heard

Body base 2 –frequency zoid attaque

bomb the bass - megablast

Bomb The Bass - Beat Dis (Ben Liebrand MiniMix)

Bomb The Bass - Megablast (Xenon 2 Theme)

Bomb The Bass - Say A Little Prayer

Brainstorm - Suicide Acid

Breezy Beat MC - Shake The Joint ( Bass Version )

British House Roots 1987 - Shoom Tune _.mp3

BX 8017 - CCCP House (Vodka Mix)

Boy toy – touch my body

Capella - Bauhaus (bolero mix)

Capella - Bauhaus (Pump up the Volume Mix)

Cappella - Be master in one_s own house.mp3

Cappella - Get out of my case.mp3

Capella - Helyom Halib

Carma (mysterious way) – the omen 1

Carma (mysterious way) – the omen 2

Carol et snowy red – breakdown

carolina damas -suéno latino

CCCP - American Soviets

CCCP - Made in Russia (12'' Extended Mix)

CCCP - CCCP house remix

Cees and Bart - Wake Up its a Party

Charm – predator

Charm –house girl

Charm –walk on the wild side

Chase of the ase – let’s do it

Chase of the ase – x static

Chico crew – noise gate

Chip E & K Joy - Like This

Chip E - GodFather of House

Chip E - Its House

Chip E - Time To Jack (The Acid)

Classic Italian House - Last Rhythm...Last Rhythm

Classic international – mozard megamix

Classic international – hope concerto

Clit – clit

Code 61 - drop the deal

Code 61 – ambassador

Coldcut feat Yazz & the Plastic People - Doctorin'the house + remix

cold sensation -belgium music train

Cold Sensation - Liquid Empire

Cold Sensation - Safe Sex (Just Do It)

Cold Sensation - Trash In Heaven

Colm III - Christmas Tree

Commanding Language - Einsamkeit (Space-Mix)

Come On (The Rework) - A Jackin Phreak

Confetti's - C Day - Remix

Confetti's - C days

Confetti's - circling star

Confetti's - C In China .


CONFETTI_S - PUT_M UP (Your Hands) maxi version

Confetti's - circling star

Confetti's - The Sound Of C

confetti's vs Alberkam Bootleg - Sound of Ciara

confettis - Mix Of Sound 'c' rmx

Cookie crew – born this way

Cool House - Rock This Party Right

Corruption house –jump

Corruption house –dumbo beat

Corruption house –no docteur no

Cry sisco – affro dizzy act

Cubic 22 – come together

Cubic 22 –night in motion

Culture Beat - Der Erdbeermund


D-Mob - Put your hands together

D-mob - we call it acieed

damien donato - life suport system

Dance Computer 1 megamix 1989

Dance computer 2 megamix 1990.

Dance computer 3 - megamix 1990.

Dance computer 4. 1991

Dance computer 5 1991

Dance computer 6. 1991

Dance Computer 7 1992

Daw jones – techno groove

Debbie Malone - Rescue Me

Deejays united – dance computer 1 ( megamix)

deepgroove – acid house memories a1_side

deepgroove - acid house memories a2 side

Der komtur - die kreuzritter

Der komtur - idée 4 imitator

Der komtur - tator

Diesel - nowhereland

Digital Boys – Kokko

Dilema – erase your mind

Dilema – space paradoc

Dilema - hyperbolic

Dionne - Come Get My Loving

Dirt Crew - Rok da house (Donnacha Costello rmx)

Dirt Crew - Rok Da House (Freestyle Man Dope)

Dirty Harry - D'Bop


DJ Pierre - Box Energy

Dj Pierre - L a S Music

Dionne - Come Get My Loving

DNA – senerissima

DNA feat suzanne vegas – tom’s diner

Dobel you - mamy

Dow jones - Just a techno groove (Club mix)

D pool operation – don’t be a scud

Dr acid & mr house - rififi

dr Derelict - That Shit's Wild

dr phibes - acid story rmx

dr phibes - the story two (beat mix)

dr Phibes - Acid Story (Original Mix)

dr smiley - rumba (face b echo d'echavane )

dr smiley – l’echo dechavane


D SHAKE – yahhhhh

D SHAKE –funny move.

D SHAKE –my heart to the beat

D SHAKE –dance the night away

Ecstasy Club - Jesus Loves The Acid Duriez And Dju

Ecstasy club-jesus loves the acid

Ecstacy don_t do it - White Label ( 1990 )

edouard and ermany - up and down

edward and ermany - acid drill

edwards & Armani - Sex (acid sex mix)

edwards & armani - if you like it

edwards & armani - utopia

edwards & armani - it’s a wonder

edwards & armani - do it again

EGMA – let’s the bass kick

Electric Shock - Don't talk about sex


Electra - jiboro

Elyne darr – reve d’amour

enemy of cariotta - der feind!!

Eric B, Rakim & Ofra Haza - Paid In Full(Coldcut remix)

Erotic dissidents - Move Your Ass

european new beat megamix

Evil Kid - Alarm

EXPLAIN - Check out

Extaesia – bad trip

F.U.S.E. - Substantial Abuse

Farley Jackmaster Funk - As Always (Acid Mix)

Farley Jackmaster Funk - Love can't turn around

Farley _Jackmaster_ Funk - It_s U (stereo).mp3

Farley _Jackmaster_ Funk - The Acid Life (stereo).

Fast Eddie - Acid Thunder (1988)

Fast Eddie - Acid Thunder maxi

Fast Eddie - Ain_t It Funky

Fast Eddie - Can U Still Dance (Dance To The Bass

Fast Eddie - Yo Yo Get Funky

Fast Eddie Mix - Double Trouble

Fast Eddie with Sundance - Git On Up (1989)

Fatal Attraction - Music To Be Murdered By

Fatal error - Fatal error

Fax Yourself - (Walking On) Sunshine (Remix)

flim flam - sall we do it again (hash bushi remix

flim flam - sall we do it again(flim flam reedit)

Flim Flam Balkan - Best of joint mix V1court

Flim Flam Balkan - The Best Of Joint Mix II

Flim Flam- Balkan - Pump Up The Flim Flam

Fog - electricity

force legato - system V1.0

force legato - system V3.0

Footbrothers - Il suffit d'un ou deux exit+s

force legato - system

FPI Project - Come on (and do it)

Fpi Project - Feel It

FPI Project - Rich In Paradise

FPI Project - Risky

Frank De Wulf - beyond the b side remix

Frank De Wulf – compression

Frank De Wulf – electrain

Frank De Wulf – there ain’t nobody

Frank De Wulf – just another beat

Frank De Wulf - renforced

Frank De Wulf - Magic Orchest

Frank De Wulf - Freestyle 909

Frank De Wulf - Imagination

Frank De Wulf - The Tape

franck de wulf - THE TAPE (remix)

Franchie bones - call it techno (technocolor dub)

Frankie knuckles – only the strong survive

Frankie Knuckles & The Night Writers - Let The Music play

Frankie knuckles - baby wants to ride

frankie knuckles et jamie principale - your love

Friends Of Carlotta - Fingerfoc

Fruit Of Life - Not Afraid To Dance

Funkacidic – S.O.L.T

Garanted raw – i’ll make your body sweat

Garanted raw – get a lood of this

Gat decor - passion

Ghentlon (Cisco Ferreira)-Cheebala (acid freak mix

Ghentlon (Cisco Ferreira)-Cheebala (jolly boy mix)

Ghentlon – gimme gimme

Grand Jojo --- la (new) beat

Grand Master Flash - The Mixmaster - Grand Piano

Hamen - Without Words

Hardrock Soul Movement - Def Hypnosis (Elite) 1986

Hi Hat - Rock To The Beat


High Tention - High Tention

Hithouse - Hithouse Special Dance Medley

Hithouse - Jack The Sound Of The Underground

Hithouse - Move Your Feet To The Rhythm Of The Beat

HNO3 - Doughnut Dollie

Honey Dolly - No Squall Talk

Hot Hands Hula - Hot Hands

House hallucinates - pump up new york

Housemaster Boyz - House Nation (Mixbeated Original)

house people - godfather of house (megamix)

Hula – 70th and king drive

hypnoteck - pump pump it up a cappella

hypnoteck - pump pump it up club mix

hypnoteck - pump pump it up mix

hypnoteck - pump pump it up

Hypnoteck - Happy Mr Acid

HYPNOTECK - Mr. New Beat

Hypnoteck - Ready Or Not ( Club Mix)

Ice mc – easy

Ice mc - cinema

Iconoclass - tenebra

In-D : Virgin in D-Sky


inner city - Inner City Theme

inner city - big fun

inner city - good life

inner city - your love

inner city - pennies from heaven

inner city - let it rain

inner city - halleluyah

inner city - -till we meet again

inner city - that man pulse

inner city - praise

inner city - ahnongay

inner city - one nantion

inner city - slaves of dance

inner city - Paradise

inner city - Ain't Nobody Better

inner city - Secrets of the Mind

inner city - Power of Passion

inner city - Do You Love What You Feel

inner city - Set Your Body Free

inner city - And I Do

j meurisse solo – blac coutry ( du groupe SA42)

J.J. Fad - Supersonic

Jack Frost & the Circle Jerks - Anti Acid

Jack Frost & the Circle Jerks - Cool Dry

Jade 4 u - Rock it to the bone

jade 4U – that boy

James 'Jack Rabbit' - The Last Voice

James Jack Rabbit Martin - Rabbit Trax

Jamie Principle and Frankie Knuckles - Your Love

Jfk - The Dream

Jin Choi - high Quality Schal

jin choi - high quality schall (baby ford remix) -

Jin Choi - Polaris

Joey Beltram - The Melody (R & S Records) 1991

John Digweed - Alone it's Me

John Carpenter - The End

Jolly Roger - Acid Man

juicy – the sugar free

Jump - Funkatarium

jungle brothers – i’ll house you

jungle brothers – on the run

jungle Wonz - The Jungle

K A Posse - Stick Music (K Alexi Mix 2)

Kaos 007 – rock on acid

Kate B-breackdown

Kate B – trip noise

Kenny 'Jamin' Jason & Fast Eddie - Can U Dance

Kerri Chandler - Return 2 Acid

Kevin Saunderson - Groovin' Without a Doubt

Kevin Saunderson – forcefield

Kevin Saunderson –how to play our music

Kevin Saunderson –bounce your body to the rock

Kevin Saunderson – the sound

Kevin Saunderson –triangle of love

Kevin Saunderson – uptempo

Kevin Saunderson –ahnonagay

Kevin Saunderson – pumpup the moove

Kevin Saunderson –feel the mood

Kevin Saunderson - Funk funk funk

Kevin Saunderson –smooth groove

Kevin Saunderson –the groove that won’t stop

Kevin Saunderson –velocity funk

Kevin Saunderson –straight outa hell

Kevin Saunderson –just another cahnce

Kevin Saunderson –th human bond

Kevin Saunderson - let’s, lets, lets dance

Kevin Saunderson - rock to the beat

keybords affaire - tubular bells

Keybords affaire –commando

King george - Saigon Nightmare

Kings of Agreppo - Agreppo

KL303 – rock to the beat

KL303 – welcome back mr VDB

Klangwerk - warte bis es dunkel ist

Klangwerk - und weiter get

Klangwerk - die kibernauten

Klangwerk - die kibernauten part 2

KLF - 3 a.m. eternal

KLF - Born free

KLF - Build a fire

KLF - Church of the KLF

KLF - Go to sleep

KLF - Justified And Ancient 2

KLF - justified and ancient

KLF - Kylie said to Jason (edit)

KLF - Last Train To Transcentral

KLF - Make it rain

KLF - No more tears

KLF - The Lovers' Side

KLF - The White Room

KLF - What Time Is Love

Konzern - hypnotique beats

Konzern - last night

Kool Rock Steady – I'll Make You Dance

Kool Rock Steady – You Ain't Nobody (1989)

Kool Rock Steady – Dance Or Die

kraze - The Party (A Capella)

kraze - The Party (Club mix)

kraze - The Party (Instrumental)

kraze - The Party (Radio mix)

kraze - The Party (Tunnel mix)

Kraze - The Party

Kraze – let’s play house

Kriss Kastaar – kk mix 1 (megamix)


L&O - Even Now - The Ultimate New Beat Collection

L’avenue – the sonic revolution

La Strada - L S Beat

latino dance machine - latino megamix


Laurin X - Machines

Ldc - wir schicken dich ins all

lee lewis – french kiss

LFO - Brainstorm Pt 1

Liaisons D - Future (Music Man Records) 1989

Liaisons dangereuses - los ninos del parque

Liddell Townsell - Jack The House

Lidell Townsell - Nu Nu (Ultimix)

lil louis i call you!!s

Lil Louis & the wolrd -blackout

lil louis - black out

Lil Louis - French Kiss (Original Mix)

lips - french lambada kiss(techno remix)

Liquid Oxygen - You Have To Understand - 1990

lisalisa and the cult jam - let the beat item

Little Little - Oh La La La

lord of acid - i sit on acid

lord of acid - LSD

lord of acid - Show Me Your Pussy

lord of acid – hey ho

lord of acid – the crablouse

los hijos del sol – ibiza mix 6 ( megamix ) (voir 1à 6)

M D Emm - Get Acidic

Mac sample - house inspector

Macho gang - sahara

mackenzie - chicago trip!!

mackenzy – children of the futur

mackenzy –eclipse

mackenzy –crime

mackenzy –crime does not pay

major problem - I Still Have A Dream

Major problem - New Beat 12 Inch

major problrme - acid queen

mario aldini – techno club part 1 (megamix)

mars – pump up the volume

Marshall Jefferson - Dancing Flutes _Do The Do_ (Got 2 Mix

Marshall Jefferson - Move Your Body (Frankie Knuck remix)

Marshall Jefferson - Move Your Body

Marshall jefferson - Mushrooms (Salt City Remix)

Marshall Jefferson - Mushrooms (Timewriter Remix)

Marshall Jefferson - Ride The Rhythm (Ron Hardy Mix )

Marshall Jefferson feat D Troy - Move Your Body (+ rmx )

Marshall Jefferson feat D Troy - Move your body (+ rmx )

Marshall Jefferson Vs Noosa Heads - Mushrooms (+ rmx )

Marshall jefferson vs rhythm republic – move your body

Mastermind – discovery

Mastermind – K-os

Maurice - I Gotta Big Dick

Maurice - This is acid

Maurice Joshua - Feel the Mood

Maurice - I Gotta Big Dick

mc2xtasy – erotic a-ah

mc sar & real mc coy – it’s on you

mc sar & real mc coy – pump up the jam rap

mc sar & real mc coy – get funky

mc shyD – it’s not my caddy

MD III (Aka Mike Dunn) Feat Tyree Cooper - Face T

MD III - Face the Nation

MD III - Going Nowhere

MD III - Pressure Cooker (moan mix)

MD III - Pressure Cooker (no vocals)

MD III - Pressure Cooker (Original Mix)

MD III - Take Me There

Megamix Flash House

Mental mayhem - joey's riot

Mickey Oliver - In Ten Si T (Dash Rip Rock Mix)

Mickey Oliver - In Ten Si T (Orig Mix)

Mickey Oliver-In ten si t (12 inch mix)

Mike Dunn - Magic Feet (12_ Mix)

miss nicky track - acid in the house

miss nude – taste my acid fruit

mod n4 - zobi la mouche (esta loca mix)

moment of extasy – you & me


Mr finger - acid attack

Mr Fingers - Above The Clouds

Mr Fingers - Can You Feel It (Chuck Roberts Mix)

Mr Fingers - Can You Feel It (Martin Luther King

Mr Fingers - Can You Feel It (original Instrumenta

Mr Fingers - Can You Feel It (Robert Owens Vocal

mr Horse - Crisis Situation

Mr lee - Art of Acid

Mr lee - Get Busy (Lidell Townsell Mix)

Mr lee - House this house

Mr lee - Rock This Place (House Mix)

Mr_ Matey - Acid Party

Mr white – gimme some acid

Mysterious art - das omen 1

Mysterious art -das omen 2

Mysterious art - humunkulus

Mysterious art - love town

Mysterious art - requiem

mystic – rithmo de la noché

Nacht und nebel - beats of love

nad - return of the fly

Naomi D - Passion

nasty thoughts – rock the house-

nasty thoughts – acid sex

neal fox – the right song

neon - voices (remix)

neon - Without Control

neon – don’t mess with this beat

new beat - Isn't It Crazy

new beat - let them know

new beat - Lack Of Sense

new beat - Sickness Taking Over

new beat - The Spirit Of Bulgaria

new beat - Umsturz

new beat - Be My Dream

new beat - The Land Of Nowhere

new Beat Generation - Suck The Beat

new beat megamix (megamix)

New beat mix 89 vol 1 ( megamix )

New beat mix 89 vol 2 (megamix )

New egnot - lazer dance

new Scene - Tonight

New scène - the war in vietnam

newcleus - 10 Na na beat

Nexus 21 - bass inclusion

Nexus 21 - i know xe can make it

Nexus 21 - self hypnosis

Nexus 21 - together

Nexus 21 feat joanna - real love

Nexus 21 feat joanna - still ( remix )

nux nemo – hiroshima

nizer abb - Body To Body

No excuse - x sample

Noise control - tehniska musika

OFF - Bad News

OFF - Electrica Salsa [Album Version]

OFF - Electrica Salsa [Dub Version]

OFF - Electrica Salsa [PWL Remix]

OFF - Electrica Salsa Remix

OFF - Electrica Salsa

OFF - Everybody shake

OFF - Harry... Aber Jetzt

OFF - La Casa Latina

OFF - Step by Step [Album Version]

OFF - Step By Step [Core Mix]

OFF - Step By Step Remix

OFF - Time Operator (Razormaid)

OFF - Time Operator (Real Time Mix)

Ofra Haza - Im Nin' Alu & Galbi (Oriental Extended mix)

Okay – okay

Okay feat vannobel -

Opium Monks - Secrets Of Africa

Out of ordinary - play it again

Out of ordinary - the dream


P.C.cool – european new beat megamix

Panthera – the music take away

Paris Grey - Don_t Make Me Jack

Patti Day - Right Before My Eyes

Paul Hardcastel - 19

paul hardcastle - nineteen

Pet Shop Boys - Left to my own devices

Pedro ramon – te quiero

Perfectly ordinary peolple – theme from P.O.P

peter slaghuis - THE BELGIQUE BEAT

Peter vriends – new beat megamix ( from bocaccio)

Petula clark et pop house – down town ( acid mix )

Phantasia – welcome in my acid house

Phuture - Acid Tracks ( court )

Phuture - Acid Tracks

Phuture - Rise from Your Grave (Tiefschwarz Remix)

phuture - rise from your grave (wake da f up mix)-

Phuture - Rise From Your Grave (Wake Side - Parts

Phuture - Rise From Your Grave (Wild Pitch Mix)-Hf

Phuture - The Creator (Acid Mix), ©1988

Pianonegro - Pianonegro

Pierre_s Pfantasy Club - Dream Girl (Acid Dream)

Pierre's Pfantasy Club - Dream Girl

Plaza - Hey-Hey-Hey.mp3

Plaza - Hi-De-Ho.mp3


Plaza - Megamix 1.mp3

Plaza - O-Oh.mp3


PLB SYSTEM - esta loca ( dance mix)

PLB SYSTEM - esta loca ( instrumental)

PLB SYSTEM - Just Like This (Vocal Dance mix)

PLB SYSTEM - Just Like This

Plexus - Cactus is saved

PNP – poison

Pop star – pops goes on

POPPY - Argentina (Get Ready For This)

Positive noise – africa

Power freaks – freack out

Power freaks – turn in, turn on , cop out

Praga kan - love

pragakan- poison

Prince – bat dance

public relation - 88

Public relation - Publick relation

Public relation - step by step


Pyjamas party ( megamix )

Pyratronik - musical


ralphi rosario with linda clifford - wanna give it

ralphi rosario / You Used To Hold Me

Raze - Break 4 Love

Rebel X & vector S – new beat mix 89 vol 2 (megamix)

Reese & Santonio - Back to The Beat (With 'The Sou

Reese & Santonio - Bounce Your Body to the Box

Reese & Santonio - Rock To The Beat

Reese & Santonio - The Sound (Smoothe Mix)

Reese & Santonio -Structure (Original House Mix)

Reese & Santonio-Mastercuts - Classic House

Reject 707-brain killer-

Revelation – first power

Revelation – sinth it

RFTR - Sampler 83

Rhythm Device - Acid Rock

Rhythim Is Rhythim - It Is What It Is (Transmat) 1988

Rhythim Is Rhythim - string of life

Ride The Rhythm -This Aint Chicago

RIP – désolé madame ( votre fil est mort )

ritch in paradise – rich in paradise

rich in paradise - going back to my roots(remix)

Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock - Get down on the dancefloor

Rob Base & Dj Ez Rock - Get on the Dance Floor

Rob Base & Dj Ez Rock - joy and pain


Robert Armani - A.M.B.U.L.A.N.C.E.

Robert Owens - I_ll Be Your Friend

Robot DJs - Energy

Robotiko Rejekto - Hangar

Robotiko Rejekto - rejecto

Robotiko Rejekto - the art of sampling

Robotiko Rejekto - umsturz jetz

Rocco & the reincarnation - marina

Royal Guards - New Beat Is Clean

Royal House - Can You Party

Rubix – the party

Sacher Musak - Van Den Beat

Sandee – notice me

Santos – work the box

S’express – the trip

S’express – theme from funky killer

S’Express - Sexpress (rmx)

S’Express Theme From S Express

S‘express - superfly guy

S.M. - S.M.

sa42 - Carnaval (Plastic Acid Mix)

sa42 - pleasure and crime!!s

sa42 - to talk nonsense original version

sa42 - to talk nosense!!s

sa42 - waterdome!!s

sa42 - Dead Is Calling - Dance Remix

sa42 - I Want To Push (Traikos Mix)

sa42 - i want to push!!s

sa42 - I Want To Push

sa42 - Pleasure And Crime

sa42 - Staying Alive

Scope - die zukunft

Scrappy - Love Motion (Crystal Motion House Mix)

Scrappy And The Box Boys - Desire (Acid Deep Mix)

Secrets Of China - Chinese Ways

Secchi - I Say Yeah

Selectors – move your body

Sergent beat – war of the beat

Set up system – fairy dust

Set up system – music & noise

Shakti - The Awakening

Sigmund und seine freunde - redbermund

Silicon Dream - Albert Einstein (Everything Is Rel

Silicon Dream - Andromeda

Silicon Dream - Corleone_Speaking

Silicon Dream - wunderbart

sister - movie-hold_me-spnc

Sister Slut - Get The Dick

Smokin_ Gang - Move Your Big Booty (Acid)

Snap - Megamix-Feat-Technotronic-Snap-New Order

Skacid – this is ska

sister - movie-hold_me-spnc

Snap - angel ( rays of love)

Snap - colour of love

Snap - do you see the light

Snap - exterminate-mod

Snap - ooops up (vs.dj tomekk feat. ng3)

Snap - rhythm is a dancer

Snap - I've Got The Power (remix)

Snap - the power

Snap - the power (jungle fever remix 90)

Snap - the power of bhangra (vs._motivo)

Snap - thefirst the last eternity

Snap - Ooops Up

Snap - Cult Of Snap

Snap - Believe The Hype

Snap - I'm Gonna Get You (To Whom It May Concern)

Snap - Witness The Strength

Snap - Mary Had A Little Boy

Snap - Blaze Blaze

Snap - Only Human

Snap Vs Anjali Ofra Haza - Im Nin Alu Power

Snoopy – snoopy sound

Snowy Red - Don T Loose Control

snowy red - euroshima (wardance) (1988)

Snowy Red - The Long Run

Snowy Red - The Wild Boys

Sound of belgium – techno doctor

Space opera – space 3001

Space opera - andropolis

Space opera - Mandate My Ass

spanish beat - loco loco ( loco remix)

Spectrum - Brazil

Spectrum – total recall

Spectrum – the incrowd

Spectrum – spectrale

Spectrum –amplification

Speedy J - Something for your mind

Spiritual Sky - Sky My House Band (Ecoutez Et Rép

Spock Jr - Acid Alien

Starlight - Numero Uno

Sterling void – runaway girl

sterling Void & Paris Brightledge - It's Alrigh

Steve Poindexter - Born To Freak

Steve Poindexter - Computer Madness

Stock Aitken Waterman - SS Paparazzi

Sub System - Sub House

Sydney youngblood – if only y could

T99 – anastasia

T99 – slidy

T99 - Nocturne

T99 - Too Nice To Be Real

Taboo - Into The Sun

Taka Boom - Treat Me Right(Phuture Phunk Mix)

taste of suggar - HMMM HMMM

Taste Of Sugar - The Golden Shower

TC - Hello I Love You

techno club part one

Technotronic - The Greatest Hits

Technotronic - Pump up the jam

Technotronic - Get up (before the night is over)

Technotronic - Tough

Technotronic - Take it slow

Technotronic - Come on

Technotronic - This beat is Technotronic

Technotronic - Move this

Technotronic - Come back

Technotronic - Rockin'over the beat

Technotronic - Raw

Technotronic - Wave

Technotronic - String

Technotronic - Get Up (Dance Action Mix)

Technotronic - Get Up! (Cd Bonus Track)

Technotronic - Hey Yoh, Here We Go

Technotronic - Megamix

Technotronic - Money Makes The World Go Round Technotronic -Move That Body

Technotronic - One Plus One

Technotronic - Pump Up The Jam

Technotronic - Get Up (happy jack mix)

Technotronic - Pump Up The Jam (And The Jam Is Pump)

Technotronic - Raw Update

Technotronic - Rockin' Over The Beat (rockin' over the beat mix)

Technotronic - Spin That Wheel (Morales Spinster Mix)

Technotronic - Take It Slow (fab'bibulous mix)

Technotronic - Techno Medley (Pettibone Mix)

Technotronic - This Beat Is Technotronic (Dust Mix )

Technotronic -Turn It Up

Technotronic -Voices

Technotronic - Work

Tecno-Rockers - Tecno-Rock

telex- spike johns

Ten City - That_s The Way Love Is (Acieed Mix)

the beatmaster feat pp arnold - burnin up

The beatmasters – boulvard of broken dreams

The Beat Pirate- Are You On 1 Matey_ (1988)

The Bird And The Bee - Fucking Boyfriend (Ralphi Rosario mix)

The candy man – the candy man

The Caravan - Somewhere In Arabia

The cruise controlers – the ultimate MG mix ( megamix)

The Executive Board - I Do Anything

THE KLF - 3 a.m. eternal

THE KLF - Born free

THE KLF - Build a fire

THE KLF - Church of the KLF

THE KLF - Go to sleep

THE KLF - Justified And Ancient 2

THE KLF - justified and ancient

THE KLF - Kylie said to Jason (edit)

THE KLF - Last Train To Transcentral

THE KLF - Make it rain

THE KLF - No more tears

THE KLF - The Lovers' Side

THE KLF - The White Room

THE KLF - What Time Is Love

the latin rage - esta loca

the maxx - Cocaine rmx

The Maxx - Techno Time

The maxx - Heavy 1989

The MD Connection - Self Preservation

The Night Writers - Let The Music(Use You)

The Overlords - Moontrap 1990

The Overlords - Sundown

The party – the party italian version

The Party Boy - Never Let You Go

The Party Boy - The Twilight Zone (Bam Bam_s Corro

The project – move it

The project – work that house

The rithm section – techno contest

The sweat boyz - Do you want to perculate _

The Todd Terry Project - Just Wanna Dance

The Wee Papa Girl Rappers - Heat it Up (acid remix )

This Ain't Chicago - Ride The Rhythm (Acid Not Pla

This is My House - Ecstasy


Thom - F*ck Detroit (Work & This is Sick Mashup

Tnt Clan - Blow up dj

Todd Terry - House Of Gypsies

Todd Terry - Keep On Jumpin' (Tee's Freeze Club Mi

Todd terry – black riot

Todd terry – bango

Todd terry - It's over love 1998

Todd Terry - Play On (Fees Frozen Dub)

Todd Terry - Sunday Morning ( Kenny Dope Mix)

Todd Terry Project - Weekend

Todd Terry with Black Riot - A day IN the LIFE

Todd Terry- Party People (Club Dub)

TONY SCOTT - from da soul

TONY SCOTT - Gangster Boogie

TONY SCOTT - get into it

TONY SCOTT - gimme some

TONY SCOTT - love let love

TONY SCOTT - That's how I'm Linving

TONY SCOTT - The Chief

Toy boy – touch my body

Tragic Error - Iuhaha (Yeah Yeah Vs.)

Tragic Error - Klastche In Die Hande

Tragic Error - Tanzen (Razormaid Mix)

Tragic error - Umbaba (Orbital Remix)

Tragic Error – Umbaba

Tragic Error - Der Bauern Ball.mp3

Tragic Error - Iuhaha.mp3

Tragic Error - Remote Kontrol.mp3

Tragic Error - The Exterminator.mp3

Tragic Error - The Frog.mp3

Transform – transformation

Transform – trans out


Tricky disco - tricky disco

Two Pieces - Magic bells

Tyree - Acid Crash

Tyree - Hard Core Hip House (Julian Jumpin Perez R

Tyree - Hardcore hiphouse

Tyree - House Music Is My Life (Deep-House Remix)

Tyree - House Music Is My Life [Deep-House Remix]

Tyree - Turn Up The Bass (Scratch The Bass)

Tyree Cooper & Kool Rock Steady - Turn Up The Bass

Ugly mood –words it up

Ugly mood –consulted book

Ugly mood –turning off

UMO DETIC -Fahrenheit

Unique 3 - The thème

Unknown_ And Three D_ - Beatronic

Urban Soul - Alright (Todd Terry Mix)

Usura - sweater

U-Tek - Das Mass Der Dinge

vanilla ice - ice ice baby

Victor Romeo - Acid Rain

Virtualmismo - Mimoplastico (Lee Coombs Back to the futur)

VDB – qui m’a enlevé ?

VL & The Porch Monkeys - Hello Lover

was not was & kim basinger - shake your head

Was Not Was - Everybody Walk The Dinosaur

War people – take her down

Westbam – monkey say monkey do

Westbam – disco deutschland

Westbam – hold me back

Westbam – cold stamper

Wesbam - Beatbox rocked

White House White - Ouverture

Zap shaker – panique au dancing

Zinno – what’s your name ( remix de J bond )

Zafari - Jungle People (It Began In Africa)

zsa zsa la boum - something scary

Zsa Zsa La Boum - Something Scary

Zsa Zsa La Boum - Tu veux ou tu veux pas


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